Top 5 Ways How to Prevent Cancer Naturally – Best foods for Cancer Prevention VitaLife Show Ep. 299

In today’s episode Dr. Janine Bowring shares with us her top 5 ways to prevent cancer naturally.

Dr. Bowring shares with us her own personal story on the loss of her mother to breast cancer. Sharing cancer prevention related topics are close to Dr. Bowring’s heart and she explains her top 5 ways to prevent cancer naturally. In this episode Dr. Bowring explains healthy lifestyle tips for cancer prevention.

Number one, having the right mind set, positive thinking is key. We should not be discussing cancer, thinking or absorbing thoughts based around the topic of cancer. The more you think about something, the more you are actually attracting it and manifesting it. If cancer is part of your family history, Dr. Bowring strongly suggests not to think about it and/or obsess over it, stop thinking that cancer is part or will be part of your life. Even if you are suffering through something that is labeled or called “cancer”, Dr. Bowring believes that you need to be proactive, by living a healthy and happy life. Get your mind on the right track, read a positive book, spend time in nature, do things that make you happy.

Number two, exercise, another great way to keep healthy and happy in mind, body and spirit. Do anything you enjoy to get your body moving maybe its dance, or taking a yoga class, maybe taking a walk in nature, it doesn’t matter what it is, exercise everyday is the best thing you can do for your health.

Number three, diet, eat things that make you happy and healthy, choosing some of the “bad foods” is okay once in a while, everything in moderation is healthy for the mind and body. We know which foods are good and which ones are not the greatest, however allow your self a treat and fully enjoy it.

Number four, meditation and yoga, anything you can do to quiet the mind to get you into a different headspace and focus on what makes you happy. Deep breathing exercises are also fantastic, you choose whatever is good for you and feels right to you. There is tons of information on the Internet on how to do these things at home, educate yourself and get into that quiet space.

Number five, is to give back, the more you can do for other the better it is for you, not because your expecting a payout for yourself, but when you pay it forward or helping give back it is a rewarding feeling and makes you feel good! When you help a stranger or help someone in need the good energy begins to flow and that is the best thing you can do for cancer prevention.

Join us next time here at the VitaLife show for more great videos!

Join us next time here at the VitaLife Show for more great videos!

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