Xero Running Sandals are a great way to learn to run more like the Tarahumara runners highlighted in Born To Run. Those guys had traditionally been on a diet of mostly plant based foods, probably somewhere near 98% vegan. Their Iskiate, Chia Seeds with lemon or lime juice and water as needed works when they are hot, tired, etc, so I was hoping to make that recipe even more tasty, without the “gross out” factor most people experience when they see the slimey chia seeds.

If you try this, let me know here in the comments section what you think.

I’d been trying different grains, nuts and veggies on tortilla shells for ultra distances. Quinoa, hummus, chia and avocado with extra salt had become a favorite, but at a 50K this year on a warm and very humid day, they just didn’t taste good after rinsing down one at air temperature.

This is not necessarily complete nutrition for longer runs, especially in the heat. For humid, hot weather, salt tablets, Tums, and/or anti-cramping capsules area great idea, along with some caffeine tablets. Some chewable food is generally a good idea as well. I like vegan Larabars and dried cranberries with raw almonds, walnuts and pecans.

Since we have three children that also like to eat, and have college accounts to be funded, I’m using a HealthMaster Elite Mixer. This has served well and costs about half of what a Vitamix runs. I’ve not used the Vitamix, but have been very happy so far with this “emulsifier” mixer. It will transform a cup of regular sugar into powdered sugar in seconds.

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