Breastlink surgeon Dr. Lisa Curcio talks to the host of This Day about how eating healthy and watching your weight can lower your risk of developing cancer.

American foods are very inflammatory, with high levels of preservatives that may cause illness when you get older. Even healthy foods can be fattening. More food companies are taking meat out of their products, but replacing them with calorically dense substances. Just because it’s vegan doesn’t mean it will help you lose weight.

Diet has a big impact on your cancer risk. For instance, eating large amounts of animal protein raises your cancer risk. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid processed food. A diet that’s mostly made of colorful fruits and vegetables is ideal for reducing cancer risk.
Many people who get cancer are often tempted to change their diet, but Dr. Curcio doesn’t recommend that. Wait until after your treatment is finished, then reassess your diet to see if there are ways you can make it healthier. If you’re overweight, losing just ten percent of your body weight reduces the chance your cancer will come back.

Besides diet, exercise is also important. It not only reduces your cancer risk, it even helps people with cancer patients who are getting chemotherapy. Chemo patients who exercise even a little have more energy and fewer negative symptoms.

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