National Cancer Prevention Day, Less Cancer, Capitol Hill, Cannon Building, Caucus Room. Jon Whelan, The Movie STINK.
on Whelan got his MBA while dabbling in Virtual Reality. He is the director of Stink!, an off-beat documentary about Whelan’s tenacious quest to uncover the source of a chemical scent in a pair of his daughter’s pajamas. Like most Americans, Whelan believed that if a product was on the store shelf then it must be safe. Through his investigation, Whelan discovers a culture of secrecy surrounding carcinogens in everyday consumer products that begins in corporate board rooms and extends all the way to the halls of Congress.

Formerly co-CEO of, internet/media start-up advisor, and a founding member of the New York Angels; Whelan currently advocates for truthful product labeling and is a full-time parent of two young daughters.

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