Aloe Vera for skin, hair, radiation treatment and cancer prevention

Cut the Aloe Vera leaf right on the edge, close to the base.

There is a dark yellow resin, which must be drained out.

Put it in a jar with water until it gets clear, around 10 minutes.

Cut the leaf in pieces

Use #1: Apply on your skin for relief

Peel it and apply the gel on your burnt skin after the radiation session.

Radiation oncologists are prescribing it to breast cancer patients for relief and moisturizing the skin during radiation treatment.

The gel can be used to relief skin irritation and sunburn as well.

The gel will dry and it won’t stick; as it is odorless, you can put your clothes on shortly after.

To avoid waste, cut the gel in several layers.

Use #2: Eat it, it is good for your hair

To avoid it to get spoiled, cut the leaf in pieces, peel them, remove the gel, put the pieces in the ice cube tray and freeze it.

You can eat a piece every day – it ‘s like eating a little tasteless jelly.

You can add it to your smooth or blend with other fruits.

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