Can We Really Prevent Cancer?

The thought of getting cancer is scary. Many Albertans believe it’s a matter of bad luck – or faulty genes – and that there is little they can do about it.

The truth is many factors contribute to whether we get cancer. Research suggests that only a minority of cancers (5-10%) are hereditary. Some factors remain unknown and some factors, like age, are outside our control.

The really good news is about 50% of cancer in Alberta is caused by factors we can influence.

So while it’s not possible to completely eliminate cancer, there are many solutions and proven strategies for greatly reducing our risk. And that’s what cancer prevention is all about.

Preventing cancer doesn’t happen overnight and can’t be done alone. Working together we can prevent many cancers by:

– Making everyday choices that make a big difference.
– Visiting health care providers regularly for screening tests and preventive care.
– Supporting changes in our communities and workplaces that make it easier for all of us to reduce our risk.

You may be surprised by how much we can do to prevent cancers like breast, lung, colorectal, cervical, and melanoma skin cancer.

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