Alaska Cancer Center staff helps our patients become cancer-free through our 90-day immune system (natural) therapy. We specialize in scientific research on understanding and curing women’s cancer (breast, ovarian), men’s cancer (prostate), gastrointestinal cancer (colon, pancreas and liver), lymphoma and various types of skin cancer.

Alaska Cancer Center has worked diligently to prevent, diagnose, and cure cancer since 1997. Our cancer research started in 1949 with the study of carcinogenesis, oncogenes, polyomaviridae viruses, oncoviruses, retroviruses, and retroviral reverse transcription.

Today, we have natural solutions (remedies) to preventing and curing certain types of cancers in men and women without the use of conventional chemotherapy or radiation. Our mineral-rich herbal protocol reverses Stage IV breast and prostate cancer in 96% of our patients.

We also have one of the largest Cancer Prevention Programs among the world’s comprehensive cancer centers, with leading prevention research in breast, colon, lung, prostate and skin cancers. We also treat brain tumors.

Our clinic in Alaska receives patients from all 50 U.S. states and from around the world. Contact us to live a healthy and long life on our all-natural life therapy.

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