“Never in a million years” did Aimée foresee the kind of year that was ahead of her, after being diagnosed with breast cancer. Considering that it was a large tumor and that her age put her at high risk, the pragmatist knew what the odds of survival were—but she wasn’t about to let them stack up against her. She followed the advice of her uncle, a physician with knowledge on cancer treatment, who told her that she needed proton therapy. That advice and her own research took her to Dr. L. Christine Fang, a radiation oncologist at SCCA Proton Therapy Center in Seattle, Washington, with a plan that included preventing damage to her heart and lungs. Thanks to pencil-beam radiation, her heart is now full knowing that she’ll be around to watch her kids and grandkids grow up, and she can take a breath of fresh air knowing that she can enjoy life from here on out.

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