Learn more: http://www.chop.edu/service/oncology/proton-therapy/. Proton therapy is an alternative to traditional radiation treatment. Radiation can cause profound side effects in children treated for cancer. Proton therapy can potentially decrease these side effects by only directing the radiation at cancer cells. The Cancer Center at CHOP has taken the lead in this breakthrough new treatment by investing in the Roberts Proton Therapy Center. CHOP is one of only a few pediatric cancer programs in the world to offer proton therapy to patients, with the expertise of world-class oncologists right next door. The concept of radiation therapy can be scary for kids and families, but here, the entire experience is child focused. CHOP has built a team of physicians, nurses, child life therapists and social workers who have extensive knowledge of radiation oncology, as well as a variety of resources for families to utilize throughout their cancer treatment.

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